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The XYREM® REMS Program

Designed with safety in mind

The goal of the XYREM REMS Program is to mitigate the risk of serious adverse outcomes resulting from inappropriate prescribing, misuse, abuse, and diversion of XYREM

  • All prescribers must enroll in the XYREM REMS Program and comply with requirements for prescribing XYREM
  • All patients must be enrolled in the XYREM REMS Program to receive XYREM
  • All patients are required to be counseled on the serious risks and safe use of XYREM
  • XYREM will be dispensed only by the specially certified central pharmacy

The process for prescribing XYREM® has changed:
the XYREM Success Program® is now the XYREM® REMS Program

Important changes to requirements and procedures need to be followed in order to prescribe XYREM and in order for patients to receive XYREM


How the central Certified Pharmacy processes your prescription

A pharmacist will...

Send confirmation of each prescription received to your office and request additional information or clarification if necessary.

Contact the patient’s insurance provider to verify benefits and coverage.

Contact the patient to:

  • Review insurance benefits and coverage
  • Confirm that the patient has reviewed and understood the patient education materials provided by the XYREM REMS Program
  • Answer any questions the patient may have
  • Update the patient's pharmacy medical record
  • Help the patient choose delivery details

Ship XYREM by overnight courier to the patient or someone he or she designates.

Contact the patient to verify delivery details for each monthly refill.

To download the necessary forms for prescribing XYREM, go to

For further information, you may also call 1-866-XYREM88® (1-866-997-3688).

A pharmacist is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please see full Prescribing Information, including BOXED Warning.