Storing XYREM

  • Store XYREM in a safe, secure place, out of the reach of children and pets, in its original container. Store XYREM between 68 degrees F to 77 degrees F (20 degrees C to 25 degrees C).

If you or your child accidentally take too much XYREM, or someone in the household takes XYREM by accident, dial 911, call your doctor, go to the nearest hospital emergency room, or call the Poison Control Center at 1‑800‑222‑1222.

Disposing of XYREM

When you can no longer draw the medication out of the bottle, pour any unused XYREM liquid down the drain. XYREM should always be handled properly according to state and federal regulations.

Protecting your privacy

You should scribble on the label with a marker to cover your name, address, and the XYREM name before placing the empty bottle in the trash or recycling bin. These steps help protect against illegal use.