Xyrem HQ: online Xyrem treatment website mobile


You may have questions at any point in the treatment journey

When you or your child starts a new medication, there’s a lot to learn to get comfortable with treatment. Your healthcare providers are your main source of information about XYREM, but it’s hard to remember everything they tell you. Even if you or your child has been on XYREM treatment for a while, you will still likely have questions from time to time.

XYREM HQ can provide some answers

If you or your child has been prescribed XYREM, you are eligible to register for XYREM HQ. Once you do, you’ll have fast and easy access to a wealth of important information, including:

  • General information about XYREM treatment
  • The opportunity to receive personalized support via email or text
  • The XYWAV and XYREM REMS and how to get XYREM
  • Contact information to find treatment help and support
  • Step-by-step XYREM dose preparation instructions, with a dose preparation video
  • Facts about living with narcolepsy and 2 common symptoms—cataplexy and EDS
  • Valuable tips on how to fit XYREM into your lifestyle
  • So much more!

There are 2 versions of XYREM HQ, so you can find the information you need whether you’ve been prescribed XYREM or you’re the caregiver of a child prescribed XYREM.