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What is XYREM®?

XYREM is a prescription medicine used to treat the following symptoms in people who fall asleep frequently during the day, often at unexpected times (narcolepsy):

  • suddenly weak or paralyzed muscles when they feel strong emotions (cataplexy)
  • excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) in people who have narcolepsy

XYREM may only be given to patients enrolled in the XYREM Success Program.
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Getting Started with XYREM?

If you’ve been prescribed XYREM find out all the information you need about filling your prescription and how to safely take XYREM.
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Important Safety Information

To reach the pharmacy by phone please call:


To report a side effect
please call:


Jake S - Mentor

Talk with a XYREM Patient Connection Mentor

The XYREM Patient Connection program provides an opportunity for you to talk one-on-one with a mentor who has been diagnosed with excessive daytime sleepiness and/or cataplexy with narcolepsy, and has been treated with XYREM.

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