Getting XYREM

Find out how you and your healthcare provider can get XYREM through the Certified Pharmacy

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Putting SafetY first

The XYREM® REMS Program

Because of the serious risks associated with XYREM, it is available only through a restricted distribution program called the XYREM REMS Program. You must be enrolled in the XYREM REMS Program to receive XYREM. The XYREM REMS Program was developed with the FDA to help make sure that XYREM is shipped to you securely and that you know how to use it properly.

In addition, XYREM is only available through the central Certified Pharmacy, the only pharmacy in the United States that is permitted to fill the XYREM prescription and send it directly to patients.

If your healthcare provider decides XYREM is right for you, you will be given a brochure called "The XYREM REMS Program Patient Quick Start Guide." This brochure is designed to help you learn how to take XYREM properly and understand the safety information regarding its use.

Getting XYREM

Step 1

Step 1: Your healthcare provider...

  • Enrolls you in the XYREM REMS Program
  • Faxes your prescription to the Certified Pharmacy
Step 2

Step 2: A Nurse Case Manager from the Certified Pharmacy calls you to…

  • Welcome you to the program
  • Explain program details
  • Answer initial questions
  • Review your insurance information and help you find financial support

If you do not receive this call within 2 days of being prescribed XYREM, call 1‑866‑997‑3688.

Step 3

Step 3: A pharmacist from the Certified Pharmacy calls you to…

  • Review the safety information about XYREM
  • Check that you’ve read the “XYREM REMS Program Patient Quick Start Guide” brochure
  • Review your current medications, medical history, and allergies
  • Arrange for your first shipment

You have to take this call for your first shipment of XYREM to be made. If you are not available to answer, the pharmacist will leave a message. It is important that you call back or you will not receive your XYREM prescription. If you do not receive this call or need to respond to a message from the pharmacist, call 1‑866‑997‑3688.

Step 4

Step 4: The Certified Pharmacy…

  • Ships your XYREM to you overnight
Step 5

Step 5: The Certified Pharmacy…

  • Calls you each month to arrange for delivery of refills


XYREM is not available at your local pharmacy. As part of the XYREM REMS Program, XYREM is available only through a Certified Pharmacy. It is the only pharmacy in the United States permitted to fill the prescription and send directly to patients. The Certified Pharmacy is staffed by dedicated pharmacists who help you learn how to use XYREM properly and make sure that your prescription is delivered securely.

Here are some highlights of the XYREM® REMS Program:


  • Access to a pharmacist who is specially trained in the proper use of XYREM.
  • Available at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer any questions about XYREM.


  • All XYREM shipments are made through an overnight delivery service so you can get it quickly.
  • Only you or a designated adult can sign for it.
  • Saturday delivery is available in most areas.
  • XYREM can be delivered right to your door, a local overnight carrier hub, or another location, if approved by the Certified Pharmacy.


  • Your healthcare provider will be notified when the first shipment is sent.
  • A Nurse Case Manager will contact you within 2 days of receiving the first shipment to answer questions.

So now you know how to get XYREM. Next, find out how to take XYREM.

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